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I would just like to make a comment about your product. Over a year ago I left a garbage can full of grass clippings in my Chevy Tahoe. I got distracted and forgot about them for a few days. The wet clippings leaked from the can, and in turn left a foul stench in my truck. I tried for a year on and off to get rid of the odor. I tried your product and low and behold the stench has been gone since I used it over a month ago…. Thank you for offering product that works … SincerelyBob Dollinger
I am detail manager for a large luxury auto group and we kept looking for a product to introduce to our customers in the service drive to eliminate odors. Auto Vaccine is the only product we found that actually works and comes with a money back guarantee. When we offer the guarantee to our customers, it becomes a “no brainer”.
Thanks Auto Vaccine.Pete Carpenter